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Now Hiring Beta Readers!

Now Hiring Beta Readers!

We'll set up a Facebook video call or Zoom meeting depending on your preference. If you don't spend time on Facebook, please share your phone number.
This is a gmail associated with a Google Drive account, we'll need this to be able to share projects.
We do our best to match authors with a beta of their target audience. Which genres do you spend most of your time reading?
We may eventually expand our services to provide translations. Authors will need readers in a variety of languages to ensure the quality of their translation prior to publication.
Please note: responding with a 'no' doesn't disqualify you. It merely helps us best assign projects to readers who would be more aligned as the author's target audience.
Please note that beta reading takes longer than pleasure reading because of comments, and potential to reread or double check passages for continuity within the story.
Everyone who works for us will need to sign a non-disclosure agreement. This protects you and our authors.
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